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3 Ways to Get the Most out of Your Noise Cancelling Headphones

There’s nothing new about noise cancelling headphones other than that the get better and better every year. They are getting so good they even almost cancel out all of your own voice.

It’s common to wear them when studying or in the subway, but there are some other great times and places to take advantage of the silence and bliss they create.

You’ll Never do These without Headphones Again

Once you try any or all of these without the racket they include, there’s no going back.


Sleeping on a Plane

Some people can sleep on a place like a newborn baby. However, many people fidget restlessly. There’s just so much noise if you think about it. The engines, crying children, conversations, the seat belt alert dinging randomly, and in-flight announcements all add up to a whole lot of noise and not much peace and quiet.

That’s why if you plan to sleep on your next flight, you’ll want to invest in some noise canceling headphones. You’ll be amazed how much more bearable a long flight can be when you can catch a few Z’s.

Landscaping with Power Tools

While drowning out noise on a plane so you can get some sleep might no seem like a groundbreaking idea, this next one is a bit different. If you do any kind of yard work, you can enjoy the silence created by some quality headphones that electronically cancel all external noise.

It’s not uncommon to listen to some Creedence Clearwater Revival which motoring around the lawn on your mower, but that only somewhat drown out the noise. Instead, you can completely block it out.

But, why stop with mowing the lawn. Block out noise from chainsaws, wood chippers, and even log splitters.

It’s okay. John Fogerty won’t mind.


Planes are noisy and so are power tools. Why in the world would you need to block out noise while backpacking?

Backpacking as far as hiking in the woods doesn’t warrant extra peace and quiet. In fact, peace and quiet are often two of the main reasons someone would go backpacking in the wilderness.

However, urban backpacking is a completely different situation. A major part of backpacking through different towns and cities, like gap year students might do in Europe, is cutting you expenses by sleeping in crowding hostels. If you have ever tried to sleep in a hostel though, you know it’s not always that easy.

Unlike having your own hotel room, if you are in a dorm-like hostel with strangers, you never know when one them has a tendency to snore. A partner who snores is bad enough, but a total stranger sound asleep while simultaneously keeping you wide awake is not a great way to spend your trip.

Noise canceling headphones can quickly change that scenario.


While not the most economical of listening devices, noise cancelling headphone can more cover their expense. In fact, if you treat them well they might actually be more cost effective then that cheap pair of ear buds you have to replace monthly because they crackle or one ear constantly cuts out.

The value they deliver in improving your life is also something you need to add into the, “Are they worth it?” question. And, the answer to that question is a resounding, “Yes!”