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Don’t Leave Home Without Them

Traveling can be fun. Seeing new things and eating new food is a great way to spend your vacation days. Whether it’s heading to Mardi Gras for some New Orleans fun or flying to a completely foreign land like China, there’s always something new to explore.

But, that doesn’t mean you have to leave all your comforts at home. Here are a few ideas to make your trip as smooth as possible.

3 Great Travel Accessories

Here are three accessories of varying prices that if you can afford, get them and use them


Yes, iPhones are not cheap. But, they are the ultimate travel accessory. You could use any smartphone for your music and movies while traveling, but if you have the choice, go for an iPhone.

One of the biggest bonuses that iPhones have over other smartphones is their charger. You can charge you phone safely in any country, regardless of the electrical system they use with any extra adapters. It makes all the difference for international travelers.


Having a sweet iPhone and not being able to use it for listening to music and watching music in public would be a total waste of money. Earbuds let you enjoy all the entertainment options on your phone when you’re waiting for a bus or on a bus, on a layover, and on long flights when the on-flight selections are poor.

They’re also good as make shit earplugs for blocking out some ambient noise when you want to try and catch a nap. And, they work great to deter other passengers from talking to you if you aren’t in the mood or fine them annoying.

A Coffee Mug

Nothing keeps you moving along a long trip like a hot cup of coffee. When you set out on a long car ride, having your favorite cup of coffee in quantity along for the ride can be a lifesaver, especially if you are up early to try and beat the traffic or driving late at night.

Having a great insulated mug or thermos makes all the difference. They keep your coffee warmer longer, so you can enjoy it over time and not have to guzzle it down all at once. They also allow you to bring more as you know you won’t have to drink it quickly.

It’s much more low tech than a phone, but it might be more important for coffee drinkers.


Traveling is fun, but the actually journey can be long and tiring. But having some of your favorite comforts around, you can make a long trip feel like a short one. You might not even notice time flying by.

A great way to pass time is to have your favorite music or your favorite movies or TV shows right in your pocket. A smartphone allows you to do that. And, an iPhone is a great international smartphone.

Also, having your favorite beverage right by your side, warm and ready to keep you feeling good helps. A great coffee thermos can make a potentially unpleasant trip a wonderful one.