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So far this page only anticipates questions that might be asked when viewing this site.

Why open source?

1. see the purpose of this site

2. Microsoft Office is my favorite example. I have actually tried to open files created by a version of Office that was too old! They could NOT be opened. Luckily I still had the install files for another older version that was slightly newer than what they were created with (middle office). I actually had to open the files with “middle version” and convert them to “middle office’s” format. Then I could open and convert them to “current office’s” format. It reminds me of trying to read old English vs. middle English. Long story short, if you don’t use open formats, you risk loosing your files to antiquity. Here’s an excellent example of Microsoft doing the exact same thing now, and PLANNING to continue doing it.

Why do you advocate FLAC?

1. it’s open source

2. it’s lossless

3. it compresses to about 50%

4. in this day and age “storage is basically free” but why not get 2 for 1?

5. any great program can autoconvert between formats on the fly!

6. it can store tags / meta info of your file, inside your file

Why are you always changing your mind?

This is a VERY emerging field in the world of Audiophiles, and an EXTREMELY emerging field among Open Source Audiophiles. As such, it changes quite a bit. For example, I did most of my initial ZFS work on OpenSolaris but I’m switching to FreeBSD because it has CDParanoia which allows me to use Rubyripper. FreeBSD 8.0 just came out at the end of 2009, but I was busy so I missed that it now has full support of ZFS. It’s also a lot easier to find more programs / up to date versions of programs for BSD than Solaris. The nice thing is that on both of them I’ll never have to deal with PulseAudio. Then there’s BTRFS on Linux which could put Linux back into the forefront of this project. and so on.

Do you have any reviews?

Reviews are regular posts. I don’t have one concise page for reviews. Find them by using looking for “review” in the tag cloud.

Published on Tuesday, September 11 2012 by System Admin